Our history

The hotel business of this family starts in the second half of the 19th century in Via Dante (Dante Street) with the Trattoria della Pace, a guesthouse with stabling, which was run by Driottu and Marinin until it was bombed and destroyed in 1944. In 1936 Grandma Celeste opens Pensione Isabella, a boarding house, in Via Fascie (Fascie Street) with five bedrooms and a restaurant which she manages to run throughout the Second World War helped by her children Mario, Franca and Isabella.

In July 1945 Pensione Celeste opens in the Bay of Silence and starting from a small rental flat with five bedrooms it is enlarged occupying a whole building and is converted into a boarding house. The rental agreement of this building expires after six years and so Grandma Celeste decides to buy a building in “Africa”, the name with which the part of the town situated beyond the Gromolo river was called at that time, thus running into debts and accepting the challenge of a new business.

On 10th May 1951 Hotel Celeste starts its activity which has been going on until nowadays, generation after generation, from Grandma Celeste to her son Mario and , today, to her grandson Franco.

The Repetto family has been running other two businesses: the Agriturismo Casa Olivieri in Sestri Levante since 2000 and the Mediterraneo Hotel in Cavi di Lavagna since 2007.

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